For Real Estate Agents

Urban Diva appreciates how busy you are and what is important to you. So, we offer you a “one-stop shop” to prepare your vendor’s property for sale. We sort out all the works and maintenance that is required, then stage the property; furniture, decor and props, for both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

We organise and check all the works needs to prepare the property for sale; whether it be painting, repairs or gardening. We then install the furniture and add all the finishing touches to present the property beautifully in time for your marketing campaign and inspections.

Our focus is to maximise the home’s features so that when buyers inspect the space, they feel a connection and can visual it as their home, or that of their tenants.

Importantly, we give you peace of mind and free your time up to focus on selling the property for the maximum price. Our desired end result is the be a successful sale for your vendor and buyer.